The Standard

Riversdale Group

After successfully re-launching the second level of Kinselas as Lo-Fi and curating the ground breaking arts initiative Lo-Fi Collective, The Riversdale Group was ready for Peer Group Media to take the next step and evolve the venue into a world class all purpose performance and entertainment space.

The Standard, which in essence was a reclamation of the the venue’s past history was born. During the 80’s and 90’s Kinselas played host to a wide array of local and international bands and solo artists, including The Beastie Boys, D.I.G, INXS, Skunk Hour and The Lemonheads to name just a few.

For 15 years the Level 3 New York loft styled space sat dusty and dormant until it was finally re-invented by Peer Group Media, and transformed into the Lo-Fi Collective, a low brow studio and art gallery which showcased weekly exhibitions from Australian and International artists.

So the natural next step in the venues evolution had to encompass the entire spectrum of creative pursuits; from theatre to stand up comedy through to live music and performance art. With this is in mind we set about curating a diverse calendar of acts and activated a grass roots ‘street’, PR and social/media digital campaign to attract both the immediate community surrounding The Standard but also a wider Australian audience.

The Standard has enjoyed unprecedented patronage since opening its door, it has been voted Sydney’s best live music and performing arts venue across a range of event publications and has played host to a range of world class acts which include 360, Daniel Merriweather, First Aid Kit, Fucked Up, Children Collide and Neon Indian.

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