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Theory, theory, theory – but what about the practical?

So you’re doing a course in Business, but not quite sure what position you would best fit into. It’s tough when employers look for experience when hiring, but how do you gain experience if they don’t give you a chance to prove yourself?
That’s where an internship comes in.

An internship is a great way for a student or graduate to gain experience in the field, and better yet – it gives you the ability to move freely around the entire business and truly find where you ‘belong’.

At Peer Group Media (PGM) our internship program provides access to all of our businesses departments and therefore a wider range of skills and experience can be achieved. Whether it’s PR, Commercial Rights, Client Services, Creative or New Media, there is something in it for everyone.

Here are some stories from existing interns at Peer Group:

Lisa Vote started an internship at Peer Group during her second year at uni. She felt the assessments and lectures were tedious, so made the decision to devote her energy into something real.

Working in the Commercial Rights department as an intern, she adapted to the environment and began to love working for the company. Her experience at PGM includes two outrageously brilliant Big Day Out National tours, and being involved in all Fuzzy events including Parklife, Harbourlife, and Field Day.

Lisa is still in the Commercial Rights team, although she is no longer an intern. Her career has seen her from intern, to Sponsorship Assistant, to Coordinator and now in her current position as Commercial Rights Executive. She is constantly setting goals for the future and can see herself as Manager of Commercial Rights someday soon.

Her advice to aspiring interns:
Be on time, be proactive, be passionate and don’t be scared to contribute. Set a goal and keep on working towards it, focus on the quality of your work and remember that presentation is everything.


(Lisa working as Sponsorship Assistant at Big Day Out 2010)

Carla Wainer began as a Sponsorship Assistant intern within the Commercial Rights department, where she gained insight to the world of festivals, in a different way than she usually had as a patron.

After four months, she was given the opportunity to prove herself as Receptionist. Now, she assists all departments and learns something new everyday. Without knowing the company from the ground up, you would miss out on key skills that could make your career.

Carla says ‘I’ve learned that you need all the basics before you can proceed to a higher level in any company. You have to be prepared for the best and the worst, get in there and do the nitty gritty and have fun doing it. Plus, the best thing about internships is that you can come in and show the company what you’ve got and hopefully get a job out of it. If you don’t, at least you have the experience you’ll need for the next interview!”

Her advice to aspiring interns is:
Be positive in your attitude, be professional and a smile goes a long way.
Your hard work will pay off, as long as you stick by your dreams and ambitions, you will succeed.

Carla at Parklife

(Carla as Sponsorship Assistant at Parklife 2009)

Elle Benjamin completed an Advanced Diploma in Event Management in 2008. She started an internship at PGM straight away, not wanting to waste any time. During her internship in the Production Department, she gained experience working on accounts such as Toohey’s Extra Dry Uncharted, Big Day Out, and Bacardi Express.

Elle was then offered a job at reception where she was thrown into the deep end, but quickly learnt to swim. Six months later, she was promoted to Production Assistant, where she became a part of the amazing Production team.

Elle says “I’ve been here nearly a year and a half now and I have enjoyed every moment, there is never a dull moment at Peer Group”.

Henry Roberts began an internship in PR whilst he was completing a Bachelor of Music at the Australian Institute of Music. Henry wasn’t sure what he wanted to do, but knew he wanted to be in the Music Industry.

He says, ‘Peer Group is an all round Music Company’ which has allowed him to explore his passions in the industry.

After spending a couple of months in PR, he progressed to Artist Management for Parker and Mr French (another one of PGM’s companies), where he learnt the indispensable skills he now uses today. He has landed a job at Peer Group as a Client Services Executive for Major Label, a fresh new singles only record label, co-owned by General Pants Co.

Henry says ‘Peer Group is a great company with a great vibe and charisma I enjoy coming to work each day and I’m glad I stuck out my internship because I have been rewarded with my dream job.’

His highlight thus far, which he declares to be ‘the best day of his life’, was being sent to Big Day Out on the Gold Coast with Alex Don. This experience was a gift from Peer Group for their hard work throughout their internships. With a AAA pass, they were allowed backstage where they met the likes of The Temper Trap, Muse, Tame Impala and more!

Alex Don carried out an internship at PGM part time for 5 months. Working on accounts such as Toohey’s Extra Dry and Bacardi gave him the knowledge and skills to land a job working at Ogilvy as an Account Coordinator for American Express.

His highlights at PGM were organizing the Toohey’s Extra Dry Uncharted Competition and hanging out with bands such as; with Art vs. Science, Yves Klein Blue, Miami Horror and the Cassette Kids on the Bacardi Express photo shoot. Alex jokes, “The backstage pass to the Gold Coast BDO wasn’t too bad either.”

His advice to aspiring interns is:
Be organized, confident, and proactive and lastly, the best thing you can do is ask questions!

Alex and Henry

(Alex and Henry at Big Day Out Gold Coast 2010)

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